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Cute Tiger at Pouakai Zoo by J-Mick Cute Tiger at Pouakai Zoo by J-Mick
I am a Photographer that enjoys a wide variety of photographic media. I’m an outdoors kind of person and enjoys the freedom involved with pictures in nature and experimenting to capture that ‘odd’ object inside the frame. I also keep an eye out for the strange,historic,buildings,monuments too.You could just say that I love all forms of photography.

My relatives decided before I returned to Queensland Australia to take me to Pouakai Zoo to get close and personal to the animals with my camera and to have a wonderful experience in the surroundings of New Zealand. When I got to the zoo I wanted to find the most beautiful tigers around and saw this playful gorgeous animal with all it's cuteness and might, I chose to capture the tiger on my camera because I wanted to remember not only in mind but also in photograph. It was difficult to capture the tiger sitting in one area before it started to jump around with two of its siblings, I was able to capture a picture of the tiger sitting after eating a big steak that the tiger seemed to really enjoy eating. I love taking pictures of nature and animals it is my passion, I have always wanted to challenge myself with taking photo's with and without tripods. This tiger had me jumping around all over the place to get this fantastic photograph, this picture always gives me a laugh each morning when I see it.
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October 18, 2013
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